Back to School for Coaches and Aspiring Coaches

September is here and many are heading back to school. What about you? While on vacation this summer, did you dream about signing up for training to become a coach or to expand your coaching focus?

ADHD coaching… Life coaching… Youth or adult coaching… All of the above?

Did you wonder… who do I want to coach and who will be my ideal clients? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you work to identify the right clients for you.

• Do you have a passion for a specific niche (or a niche within a niche)?
• What excites you about coaching a certain type of client? What sparks your interest?
• With which kind of client do you tend to develop good rapport?
• How structured or unstructured is your coaching style?
• What frustrates you?
• What drains you or brings you down when coaching?
• What energizes you when coaching?
• Which age group is your favorite?
• What type of training will you need to coach your ideal clients?

If you are interested in learning more about how to find your niche or to sign up for coach training courses for the fall, check out our new distance learning options.

Happy Learning!