Coach the person, not the disorder!

One of the values of coaching comes from looking at the whole person, respecting the whole person and realizing that there are positives and negatives in each of us, strengths and weaknesses in each of us. In ADHD coaching, we are coaching the whole child; the whole person, as in any other life coaching process. The coach should not be looking at a client from the viewpoint of having ADHD, co-existing conditions or learning problems. Operating from this perspective skews the coaching process and places the focus on all the things that are “wrong,” or all the things that have to be “fixed.” Sadly, negative messages are a part of the lives of many of the young clients you will be coaching. The goal of ADHD coaching is to shift the perspective to the positive and appreciative, reducing or eliminating negativity the client associated with this disorder. The coach may be the first person in the life of a young client who models behavior of acceptance and respect for the client, regardless of any diagnosed or undiagnosed disorder.