Coaching Support for Parents of Teens with ADHD

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Coaches can play an important role in helping parents make the shift from doing for their children with ADHD to supporting them in doing for themselves. Coaches can begin to ease the transition by educating parents on the value of giving adolescents and young adults with ADHD space to practice taking care of themselves. The coach can also invite the parent and client to come up with a mutually acceptable way for the parent to stay connected to what’s going on in the coaching process and the young person’s life as a whole—ideally, through active communication between parent and client. If needed, and if the client is comfortable with it, brief e-mail correspondence can also be sent to the parent from the coach to confirm that the client is engaged in coaching and completing homework, or occasional check-in meetings can be set up with coach, client, and parent on the phone. Note that the content of coaching remains confidential and secure so that the relationship between the young person and the coach remains protected and intact. Parents are requested to speak directly with the young person to learn answers to questions related to the content of coaching. Last, if necessary, the coach can refer the parent to coaching or therapy to deal, in a supportive environment, with the issue of stepping back and letting go.

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