Collaborating with Allied Professionals in Support of Young People with ADHD

Coaches can work effectively with allied professionals and best serve the client by knowing when to refer the young person to the right specialist, whether for new or continued care. Below is a list of those professionals to whom coaches most frequently refer young clients with ADHD for support or care. I encourage you to take time to talk with various professionals in your community to get a clear picture of each of their roles as they pertain to young people with ADHD:

  • academic advisors
  • academic tutors
  • career counselors
  • school psychologists
  • occupational therapists
  • primary care and family practice doctors
  • pediatrician
  • neurologist
  • psychiatrist
  • school guidance counselors
  • specialized college counselors
  • therapists, social workers, and psychologists.

There are many times when a referral is appropriate, even essential. Coaches do best by their clients when they become knowledgeable on the common roles of other professionals in the life of the ADHD client and respond to any cues from the client that it may be time for the client or coach, on the client’s behalf, to contact another professional—to meet the client’s needs beyond coaching.

Wishing you the best,